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Q:  What is the current regular Monthly Assessment for each unit?


A:  The regular Monthly Assessment for 2022 is $351.00 per unit of which $130.00 is allocated to the Capital (Reserves) Account.  The regular Monthly Assessment is due on the first day of each month and is delinquent after the tenth day of the month.  The current Association payment late fee is $25.00.

Q:  Who is responsible for unit electricity and water & sewer services in Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra?

A:  Unit owners.

Q:  Who provides electricity services to units in Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra?

A:  Beaches Energy Services - Contact Beaches Energy Services directly at 904-247-6241 to start or stop Unit electricity service.

Q:  Who provides water & sewer services to units in Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra?

A:  Saint Johns County Utility Department / RealPage Utility Management - Contact Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra directly at [email protected] to start or stop Unit water & sewer service.


Q:  When was Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra constructed?


A:  Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra was constructed in 1992 and 1993 and incorporated as a Condominium Association according to Chapter 718 of the Florida Condominium Act in 2001.


Q:  How many units are there in Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra?


A:  There are 192 total units. 36 one bedroom units; 108 two bedroom units; 48 three bedroom units. There are a total of nine residential buildings, and they are of two types. There are three buildings of Type A which contain one and two bedroom units. There are six buildings of Type B which contain two and three bedroom units.


Q:  What are my voting rights in the condominium association?


A:  The owner of each condominium unit shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote per unit (Article X, Declaration).


Q:  What restrictions exist on my right to use my unit?


A:  Each unit is restricted to residential use by the owner or owners thereof, their immediate families, guests, servants, invitees or lessees. There are no restrictions upon children.


At the present time, Resident Owners are allowed two dogs and Resident Non-Owners are not allowed any dogs. The only exceptions are dogs registered with the association prior to certain dates in accordance with the Association Rules and Regulations (Article XV, Declaration).


Q:  What restrictions exist on the leasing of my unit?


A:  No unit shall be leased for a term less than three (3) months, twice each year.  At least seven (7) days prior to entering into the lease of a Unit, the owner shall provide the Board of Directors with a copy of the proposed lease agreement.


Within ten (10) days after executing a lease agreement for the lease of a Unit, the Owner shall provide the Association Management with a copy of the lease and the name of the lessee and all other people occupying the Unit.


The lease may NOT allow dogs.


Q: What parking restrictions exist on the Ocean Links of Ponte Vedra condominium property?


A: Unauthorized parking shall include:


1.    Vehicles parked so as to impede ingress to or egress from other parking spaces, drives, roads or building entryways or parked in unauthorized spaces.

2.    Parking of boats, trailers, campers, motor homes, trucks or other oversized vehicles without the consent of the Association.

3.  Parking of boats, enclosed trailers, campers, motor homes, trucks or other oversized vehicles, one vehicle per space, shall only be in those reserved parking spaces designated by the Association and with the permission of the Association, and for which a fee may be charged.

4.    There shall be no parking in Covered Parking Spaces except by permission of the Owner of the Covered Parking Space.

5.   Overnight parking of commercial vehicles, defined as those bearing commercial signage and/or commercial license plates, is strictly prohibited.

6.    Pick-up trucks or other vehicles bearing construction equipment or material, or other items of an unsightly nature as determined by the Board of Directors, may not be parked at Ocean Links.

7.    Parking of a resident vehicle not registered with the Association.

8.    Parking of a non-resident or non-resident guest vehicle.

9.    Parking of a vehicle without a current registration and tag.

10. Parking of an inoperable or abandoned vehicle.


Except in the event of emergency, no vehicle maintenance or repairs shall be performed on the Condominium Property. No vehicles shall be washed, polished and/or waxed on the Condominium Property except in such specific area as may from time to time be designated by the Board for such activity.


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